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In 2005

Our story

Viadana, Mantova, Italy. Dall'Aglio Newcranes S.r.l. was founded in 2005 as a trading company and in 2010 opened its first plant of hydraulic cranes.
In a few years the production increases exponentially and reaches the point of assembling and selling dozens of machines monthly all over the world.
The range of cranes also expands fast and so today production varies from the smallest electric single-boom cranes for vans and pick-ups to the 30 and 40 ton-meter models for three and four-axle trucks.
At the moment, thousands of DN cranes are working all over the world, installed on trucks, boats, agricultural tractors or in plants. Each of these machines provides economic advantages day after day to those who own them.
Such fast development and important success for DN cranes in a sector that is considered by many to be well developed, is due to the Company's constant attention to customer satisfaction. This means not only offering an excellent product on the market but also guaranteeing a service that accompanies the customer throughout the life of the machine.
Caring for customer needs is the basis of the success of the DN cranes and this also means creating new and special machines that make the most difficult jobs easy and more profitable.  All this was possible thanks to a long work of selecting and training the teams of technicians and artisans with the highest skills and abilities.
The DN cranes are becoming more and more a symbol of the excellence and technology of Italian and European industry, and this is the reason why Dall'Aglio Newcranes has chosen to use only the best parts of the most qualified suppliers for building its machines.
The Strenx® steel of the DN cranes comes from the Swedish Steel AB plants, the remote controls are made by Scanreco (made in Sweden), the hydraulic distributors are produced by Danfoss (made in Denmark), the electronic limiters are made by Hydac (made in Germany) or Fabercom ( made in Italy) and also the slewing rings are produced by ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde®.  These are just some of the first quality components that can be found inside the DN cranes which combined with the daily work of expert hands of skilled artisans create a mechanic product that is closer and closer to perfection.  
Finally, the philosophy behind Dall'Aglio Newcranes, the last piece that we need to know in order to understand the end result of many efforts: the DN crane.  Dall'Aglio Newcranes maintains a direct and constant relationship with customers who are invited to send their ideas and suggestions to improve the product.  
Every good idea is assessed by the team of engineers and if possible created because the best proposals come from those who use the machines every day and fight for maximum results. Dall'Aglio Newcranes is an open-source company and proudly confirms that everyone can contribute to the creation and improvement of the machines produced.
"Nothing is perfect and we are aware of it, but with your advice and our will we can do a lot to get closer to perfection."
Pier Luigi Dall’Aglio
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